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July 26, 2016
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August 9, 2016

Anticipation before a trip

There is a sense of anticipation before a big trip or a big change that I love. When you can daydream about what could happen. Just before everything becomes a panicked rush. I’ve personally become addicted that that feeling.

Previous anticipation

I look back on my moments of anticipation – I couldn’t wait to leave on my South America trip. No work for 4 months with beautiful nature and adventure. The reality was impressively large and inspiring sights, but the trip was tiring. Very rarely a sleep-in as there were early driving days or early starts for sight-seeing. After 2 months I just wanted a couch and tv time. I’m so glad I did this trip as it’s a truly beautiful part of the world, but in the future I will make sure to have resting days on long trips to avoid losing the excitement. A holiday from the holiday.

When I first moved to London I didn’t know what to expect and the closer the move came the more the anticipation left and anxiety and fear took it’s place. Not enough to change my plans, but enough that I wondered how long I would actually stay away for. Would I not be able to get work and come home quickly and in debt? Would I be able to figure out how to get from the airport to my accommodation! The reality was eventually better than the dream. The first 6 months I seemed to pickup every single cold going around and I felt lonely, but the feelings changed as I settled in.

I’ve found that the more often I make massive life changes the easier they become. It doesn’t always go to plan, it always costs more than I expect and it’s stressful but it’s addictive.

Latest change

My new change has been leaving my permanent job and flat before freelancing and living in a caravan. I decided to leave just before a mini trip to Australia as I thought it would be a good break before the change. I had to be very organised, as I finished work on the Friday and flew out early Monday morning. You would think I’d have learnt by now to give myself more time for moving before a flight. As it was, my last minute ‘to do’ list seemed massive and it was dark and raining during the move. My car boot is still full of random kitchen stuff. The first day of my trip was exhausting, but the sun helped revive me. I don’t know if the reality matches my dream yet – ask me in a couple of months!

Caravan thrill

I was feeling excited before looking at a caravan in Taupo yesterday. Wondering if it would meet my expectations from the photos.

It seems like THE ONE, but you never know until you see it.

Unfortunately it didn’t feel right. Pouring rain probably didn’t help the matter (it’s raining a lot this winter). My hesitation was that it didn’t have an oven… I’m not a great cook, but an oven will be helpful. The draws stuck a little and it didn’t feel as sturdy as I expected. I had a restless night wondering if I should get it or not, but the dealer called to say someone had put down a deposit. Funny that it was on sale for over a month, then 3 people were interested in one day.

I wonder… will the dream of living in a caravan match the reality? Part of me positively expects more time, nature and peace, awaking to the sounds of birds. The other part wonders if I’ll be jammed into a camp ground with rowdy kids screaming and getting tired of emptying my toilet. Will I like the real reality?

What sense of anticipation have you had? Did the reality match the dream? Let me know in the comments below!

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