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What did the caravans for sale look like?

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April 19, 2016
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Today I took the next step to buying a caravan – I went to a caravan retailer and looked inside!

First impressions are that I need to increase my budget by about NZ$5-10K. I was looking at 2 berth online, and realistically, I need a 4 berth just to have the space to live in it full-time. A 4 berth means it can sleep 4 people – the sofa area turns into a double bed and the mini dining area into bunk beds. I can imagine getting lazy with changing the bed back and forth first thing in the morning, so a small dining area makes sense to have that first cup of tea. The more expensive caravans have a fixed bed in the back – Luxury! I don’t think I need to go THAT far.

There was a lot of wood and patterned sofa fabric, which I was expecting and would want to one-day update. They’re definitely not marketed for my age. Richard, the dealer, asked why I was wanting to buy one and we ended up discussing the ridiculous prices of houses in Auckland.

I’m nervous about driving the caravan and asked Richard if he knew of any courses I could take. Apparently there is nothing – but he said he spends time showing the buyer how it’s done. I have heard I could get lessons for driving a trailer, which would be better than nothing. Practising first, before towing $25K around, would be a GOOD idea!

What are my next steps?

This was my first day seriously looking for a new home and I feel like it’s an achievable dream. Hearing about my workmates struggle to purchase his first home and needing to up their budget has confirmed that this is right for me.


  1. Iona says:

    Go Karen! the pictures look quite nice! definitely think it’s a good idea to get some lessons on towing though 🙂 so excited to read about your adventure, keep the posts coming xxxx

    • TravellingK says:

      Thanx! Let’s see how I go with the towing lessons!

    • alan says:

      Hi Karen,

      Your website is quite excellent, it’s the only one in NZ that covers, such a broad range of topics about living in a UK caravan. I certainly could not improve on your site. I’ve been thinking about setting up my own site, but I just don’t really know how it all works. So I’ll keep looking at your site instead. Even on Youtube, most of the RV NZ channels are by tourists to NZ and not very relevant to caravans in any case. This must all take you considerable time and effort, but it’s much appreciated. Did you see any new technologies at COVI 2018 to help fulltimers? I be very interested to see a video on new technologies. Keep up the good work. Alan

      • TravellingK says:

        Hi Alan, this is great to hear! It does take a lot of time – a real passion project at the moment. If you’re keen to start a website there are lots of great online courses I could suggest. Covi was good – video coming soon. I think the one that stood out was a UK company with towable cars for behind motorhomers or buses. I learnt more about my toilet, solar power and compressor fridges. Glad I went.

        • alan says:

          I think your “passion project” comment sums it up. I’m just not that passionate about doing a website, facebook, or making youtube videos.. It is more suggestions from others, but, when i watched your video about how you make videos for youtube, I concluded, I’ll leave it to you “professionals”, who know what you are doing and have the relevant technology. Perhaps your suggestion about a meetup some time in the South Island, will produce an excellent video about my situation, which I know is unique. I almost went to COVI myself, but too far away. I’m particularly into water filtration at the moment and will install a reverse osmosis system, that can turn almost any water source into drinking water. Although I prefer bottled water for drinking, the shower and washing machine, need quite a bit and it’s just not so easy to find a faucet with “potable water” in NZ. So I’m going to make my own.

          • TravellingK says:

            Water source sounds intriguing… Showers sure do use a lot of water and I’m sure a washing machine is the same!

  2. Pip says:

    We’re knocking down our house and building a new one in 5 months time. Moving out of the house and into a rented caravan joined up to the sleepout on the lawn. We’ll be able to share stories, lol, it will be easy for you as it’s just you. I’ve got the bloody husband and two kids! Eek, what are we thinking?!!!!!

    • TravellingK says:

      Hi Pip, I’d love to hear how you find living in a caravan! Look forward to exchanging stories… the good and the bad, haha.

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