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May 21, 2016
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Cats of Morocco

While travelling through Morocco, I took a ridiculous number of cat photos. There are many stray cats throughout the country –  Google ‘Cats of Morocco’ to see how many photos others have already shared.

A very unimpressed cat

Love the unimpressed expression. Photo credit: Aaron

I promise I’m not a crazy cat lady… well, give me a few more years. I can see it now, 10 cats in my caravan.

Cats of Morocco 2

This kitten greeted me as I sat sipping Moroccan tea as a cafe in Casablanca. The cafe owner was impressive – he gave ceramic plates full of hot food to about 3 homeless men who suddenly appeared. It felt like this was a regular occurrence. One of the men was verbally harassing a couple of female customers. The owner had a word with the homeless man, but you could see that he was mentally unstable. The owner must have said something like ‘I’ll give you food if you stop harassing the ladies’, but when that didn’t work, he gave the man a big plate of food anyway. They all disappeared off into the market to eat. I have rarely seen that amount of generosity with my own eyes. I know I’ve never been that kind.

chefchaouen or known as the blue city. A great place for photos... especially of cats!

Chefchaouen has been on my travel wish-list for quite a while. The whole reason for my visit was to see the ‘blue city’. It’s a magical place where all the building were originally painted blue to keep the mosquitos away. It was suggested that I explore early in the morning before people started their day to get the best photos – so I found myself meeting a lot of Moroccan cats and very few people.

A mother and her young were sleeping on some main stairs. She seemed very relaxed and wasn’t worried about my presence.

I managed to staggered out early for the two morning we were in Chefchaouen and wish I could have stayed longer. Great exercise for the legs as it’s on a steep hill and I kept walking around and around searching for that perfect shot.

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Do you have any great cat pictures from your travels? Share on social media and let me know!

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