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September 6, 2016
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September 20, 2016

Changing the direction of my blog

I've had an epiphany with my blog!

I started this blog with the idea of focusing on general travel and travelling in a caravan, but the more I've written the more I've realised there's a whole other area I want to talk about.

So, a slight change in direct to alternative lifestyle away from the 9-5 mortgage. I've already touched on this idea with why I want to live in a caravan and last weeks rant about feeling trapped in a 9-5 job.

I think with house prices as they are today, we need to start looking at alternative ways of living. The latest article in the NZ Herald was about the average property price in Auckland climbed over $1 million and there is no way I can afford a house in Auckland or want the stress of owing that much money! How are you ever to be mortgage free?

More and more people are thinking of alternative ways around this - about building tiny houses or container homes. Soon I'll be able to start sharing my experience of living in a caravan while moving around New Zealand - occasionally locking it up and leaving on an overseas adventure.

I've met many people who have the same idea with living comfortably in a tent - including a double bed and cat, living in a van for 6 months each summer before going back to the UK, going on long overland truck tours, living on a boat for months on end, working over summer and travelling over winter. There are many interesting alternative living ideas and I'm excited to get started.

What are your thoughts on this blog? What is your favourite article so far? I would love to hear!

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