Free 2017 Travel Planner - Travelling K

When planning a trip, I always enjoy having a calendar on the wall, where I can count down the days until my trip. It’s great breaking down the months with mini moments of excitement, like the month to book accommodation or buy a flight, which helps build the excitement. I also find it helpful to know how much I need to save each month to make it easier to reach the goal!

Perks of the monthly travel planner

  • Easy-to-print A4 size
  • Inspires with dates of festivals around the world
  • Designed to cross out each day for great visual impact
  • Area to mention total amount to save and months to go until trip
  • Weekly area for amount to save and weeks to go until trip, which helps fuel the excitement
  • Space to write your to-do items for that week, like booking your flight, or handing in your notice!

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