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October 24, 2017
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A&P Show | Animals & Original Tiny Houses

Out of curiosity, I went to the A&P Show in Hawkes Bay (New Zealand). It’s a Field Day event where I expected to see plenty of farm animals but really had no idea what else to expect.

Walking to the gates, I could here the presenter, bagpipes and an electric guitar – a busy atmosphere.

The first shed was full of chicken and other birds. Some with red ‘first place’ ribbons and some for sale. There were definitely animals here…

I then wandered around the corner and came across the vintage machines section. Some steam powered, all with moving mechanisms and strangely hypnotic to watch.

I could see some mobile homes doted around the back and questioned the club members about them.

Original Tiny Houses

One was set-up as a traditional galley. I learnt that they were built using the extra materials on hand. They were towed by a steam engine out to where the men were working and would have stored their tools underneath. It gave them a place to sleep and rest. I’ve started calling them the original tiny house.

The owner built this example 6 years ago and kindly let me film inside. He bought out a book with the below drawing showing how they were setup. It’s set-up with bunk beds to sleep 4, a sink, stove and a couple of chairs. His galley has a stunning stained glass window that his father had in storage for years.

The other galley set-up nearby were modernised inside, with one as a bathroom and the other as the living area.

There was a ute with a pop-up tent on top, which is very popular in Australia. Having a chat with the owner – he showed me his pot belly stove. Perfect for heating the outdoor lounge area and you’re able to cook on the top. It folds down nicely to fit in 2 small crates. I love the idea of having your own portable pot belly stove.

 What else was there to see?

Well, there were plenty of animals. Chickens, sheep, cows, horse and llamas. There were ribbons everywhere for the winning animals. A parade area to show off the winners… well, the animals that could handle walking in a circle.

There was also a carnival area with all the usual rides. Plenty of food trucks and even Mr Whippy.

There was a building with a cooking competition in progress and more food stalls.

The police cleverly branded a tractor and let kids have a go sitting inside.

There was a maze made out of apple crates. An ingenuous use for something very common in this area of New Zealand.

There was an environmental area. A man with a Weta excited the kids with the possibility of holding it.

Overall the A&P Show felt very kiwi. Very local. And a surprising amount of fun.

Do you know of any quirky mobile homes? I’d love to learn more about them and possibly interview the owners!

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