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Top 5 Teardrop Campers – tiny, towable & fun

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The teardrop camper keeps catching my eye lately. I think of them as the perfect option for short holidays – very similar to a campervan, but without the expensive engine! There are so many positives about them!

Why they are great:

  • They are more affordable than a caravan or camper van, ranging from $10k up
  • They are easier to drive because they are about the size of a trailer
  • You only need a car that is 1500c with a tow bar
  • It’s easier to set up when you arrive at your destination, compared to a tent
  • You have a comfortable bed for the night, plus somewhere comfortable to sit with a table
  • They are insulated, so it’s warm at night
  • You have a kitchen to cook in, with bench space, sink, cutlery drawer and fridge

The down sides:

  • The kitchen is outside with a boot section, which is exactly like a campervan. If it’s raining or spooky dark, I don’t imagine it’s much fun, but you can get tent extensions. Because the kitchen is permanently set-up, it’s easier to use than a campervan kitchen.
  • There is no toilet or shower. This is designed for campgrounds with access to bathroom facilities, but you’ll still be able to stay at some stunning locations. It wont get it’s self containment certificate in New Zealand because you now need to be able to access the toilet with the bed made up.

Below are some of my favourite teardrop campers on the market:

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

The Timberleaf Teardrop is an extremely beautiful design. I wish there were more attractive options out there – particularly for caravans.

“Tiny Camper trailers are becoming popular for campers wanting a way to camp without all the bothers of a large RV and all its mechanical concerns and expense. As many campers are searching for a way to have “just enough” the tiny teardrop trailer has all they many need without sacrificing comfort.”

Location: Denver, Colorado, America

Price: US$17,650 +


K-Pod – The Cool Compact Caravan

A kiwi built option which is also the cheapest on this list! They are each uniquely built with some quirky requests from previous clients, like covered in camouflage patterns.

“K-Pods are a step up from camping, without the bulk and towing hassles of larger caravans. They are extremely lightweight and so easy to manoeuvre. They provide everything you need in a small compact form.”

Location: Tauranga, New Zealand

Price: NZ$11,995 +

So-Cal Teardrops

I love the rugged look of these teardrop trailers, with the ability to go off-roading – perfect for our gravel roads.

There are plenty of different models, but the off-road 510 XS has caught my eye at US$18,975.

You can even rent them! I’m now daydreaming about visiting North America.

“Tiny, towable, airfoil-shaped trailers, these streamlined tag-alongs are making a big comeback among the camping crowd. The Teardrops’ resurgence has grown out of a need for a light camper that can be towed by a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle, with a comfortable bed for two and a galley, both sheltered from the elements.”

Buy one:

Rent one at:

Location: All around America, with headquarters in California

Price: US$10,235 +

RoadCHIEF Caravan

I saw this teardrop caravan at the Covi Motorhome, Caravan and Outdoor Supershow and was able to talk to Lex, the RoadCHIEF enthusiast and importer. The interior felt well made and comfortable with plenty of extra features, like a blue-tooth speaker. It’s imported from China which keeps it affordable. Lex described them as fun and it’s easy to imagine a fun holiday in one. There is even an option to add tents extensions to keep completely dry while cooking and add more rooms.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Price: NZ$21,495.00

nüCamp RV T@B Teardrop Trailer

I think of this as a modernised caravan in the teardrop shape. It has everything inside – kitchen, toilet and shower with the seating area converting into a bed. There are plenty of different layouts and colour options. A great video about this teardrop is on YouTube, on Exploring Alternatives channel and really shows what living in one is like.

“These units feature plenty of amenities and are ready to head out as your newest camping companion!  All T@B 320 models feature real Ohio Amish rich wood cabinetry, fiberglass and Azdel sidewall construction, a queen size bed with storage beneath, plus so much more!”

Location: Sugarcreek, Ohio, but with dealers throughout North America and the United Kingdom

Price: US$13,000 +

I’m personally keen on the idea of these and really want to try one out. They look easy to tow and are the most affordable mobile home options out there – plus they are ridiculously attractive compared to the bulky caravan and motorhome.

Have you stayed in one? I’d love to hear how you found them in the comments below.


  1. Mathilde says:

    Do you know if the timber leaf teardrops are available in New Zealand?

    • TravellingK says:

      Hello. When I talked to the owner of Timberleaf they were keen to find a dealer in New Zealand. I don’t know if they have yet. I learnt that it was about $4500 to ship one to New Zealand. The owner is helpful and it’s worth contacting him to see.

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