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Teardrop Campers made by K-Pod | New Zealand

I visited Geoff’s workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand recently. He makes K-Pod Teardrop Campers and customises them to suit his customers. When I visited, he was in the processes of building three and agreed to be interviewed.

I had came across K-Pod Campers when researching teardrop trailers for this blog post. There is something about them that fascinates me. It might be that they are all described as fun. Just fun. Easy to tow and reverse as they are so small. They have everything you need for a holiday. Storage, seating area which converts into a bed, kitchen, water, power. It really is like a tiny caravan or van.

Geoff has been making teardrop campers for 5 years. He started with an aluminium shell, but converted to using fiberglass, which is lighter. Geoff designs the moulds then has them made by a local company which speeds up the initial build.

He has his own design features, like an extra bump on top and a dropped down floor for more comfort when sitting inside.

There is a basic price and then you can modify and add-on to create your desired model.

Watch the above video for all the details.

Fascinating features

Some of the components that grabbed my attention are:

  • You can have 2 doors, one on either side
  • There is a double lock for added security – always a consideration for solo female travellers
  • Windows have blinds and insect screens
  • Can have TV and radio with inbuilt speakers – for evening entertainment 
  • You can connect to the power at campsites and also have a solar panel too
  • There are power plugs inside and in the kitchen area, as well as a USB charger
  • Plenty of storage under the seats
  • Kitchen area has a sink with hot water, tiny stove and fridge
  • The kitchen tap extends to become a shower
  • Can add awnings for privacy to kitchen and sides
  • There are fresh water and waste water tanks underneath
  • Designed to fit in a normal garage

There are 3 different types, with the off-road version becoming more and more popular. I personally love the grunty look of them with the larger wheels and there have been times when I wished my caravan could handle some of the paths less travelled.

Make it your own

Geoff is all about customising each teardrop camper and has a variety of colours for the exterior sides and seat covers. He even has a vinyl cutter for whatever idea you come up with. One extra cute idea was red with white polka-dots and the owner extended the idea to polka-dot kitchen accessories.

If you are interested in learning more about these teardrop campers, contact Geoff at www.kpod.co.nz. Mention TravellingK and I might get a finders fee 😉

Are you as curious about these as I am? Have you tried a teardrop trailer before? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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