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Time Taken Packing Up Caravan

When I first started travelling around New Zealand in a caravan, I stayed at a lot of campgrounds. The checkout time was usually 10am. I’d give myself 45min to pack-up the caravan and move on, but would always be ready sooner. I eventually learnt that I could be driving out of the campground if I started packing up half and hour before check-out time.

In this video, I show the steps I take when packing up the caravan – with a nifty timer. I didn’t empty the toilet or fill up with more water, and I wasn’t plugged into the power, so that took my pack-up time to 20 minutes.

Steps for packing up a caravan

Inside caravan

  • Put everything that might move away.
  • Make sure all windows and vents are properly closed.
  • Turn off fridge, and all items at control box.

Outside caravan

  • Turn off gas at valve.
  • If connected to power, unplug power cord (I was running off my solar panel in this video).
  • Wind up stabilising legs.
  • Put gas cover on.
  • Disconnect grey water hose.
  • Dump grey water in designated area.
  • Put away fresh water connector and store tank.
  • Wind up caravan so room for cars tow-bar.
  • Reverse car and connect.

Learn how I found my first time setting up the caravan here.

Tips for packing up a caravan

  • You can hid items behind the cushions.
  • You can put light items on bed and throw your duvet over the top.
  • It’s best to have the main heavy items sitting over the wheels. Otherwise it puts pressure on tow-bar connection.
  • This is the best time to clean surfaces as everything is away.
  • I store my freshwater connector in the kitchen sink to keep clean.
  • Depending on surface the caravan is sitting on, you can push and pull caravan to be over the car tow-bar. Long grass does make it harder…

So this is a good taster of what packing up a caravan is like.

Do you have any questions or extra tips? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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