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July 19, 2016
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Where I’ve travelled & want to go

I’ve been able to travel to some amazing places in the last 8 years. This map shows where I’ve travelled so far, but there is plenty more to see.

Favourite sights

  1. Iran – Truly friendly people and beautiful architecture
  2. Russia – Such a vast and different country with a harsh history
  3. India – The colour! I felt truly alive here
  4. Scotland – The celtic history, old castles and moody Isle of Skye
  5. Western Australia – Stunning sea-life with a chance to swim with Whale Sharks
  6. Morocco – The call to pray and colourful markets.
  7. Norway – I stayed on Lofoten Island… just beautiful
  8. Colombia – Friendly people and the feeling of finally getting of the usual tourist trail
  9. Spain – Las Fallas festival which is alllll about fire. Over the top fun!

On my travel wish-list

This list is forever changing and growing… I’ll see an article online or see a movie and starting daydreaming.

  1. Myanmur’s temples
  2. Palawan Island for it’s beautiful tropical location
  3. Sri Lanka’s culture and colour
  4. Cuba’s culture before it changes too much
  5. Iceland’s stunning nature
  6. Prague’s old buildings
  7. Whitsundays stunning water – happening this July!
  8. Rwandan for the gorilla experience
  9. All over North America – New York, Florida, New Orleans, Texas, Portland’s and wherever they filmed Twilight!
  10. Belarus – it’s been on my list for quite a while for it’s old world feel and off the tourist trail

Do you have another suggestion? Please leave in the comments below.

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