Who is TravellingK?

I'm Karen, a solo female living and travelling in a caravan around New Zealand! I've been living in a caravan for nearly two years now with no plans to stop.

I share the good and the bad, the tips I've learnt along the way, plus the sights I see. I've also started interview people I meet with a similar lifestyle.

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Surviving Cabin Fever in Caravan

I arrive in Westport on the West Coast of the South island before the rain arrives. Then there are multiple days of wet weather! I do get cabin fever after being stuck inside this small caravan and brave the rain to start exploring the area.

Family Living in a House Truck

A family of four decided to sell their house, get rid of their mortgage, sell their business and move into a 12-tonne house truck in New Zealand. They have been living in it for three years!

Installing Wireless Reversing Camera on Caravan

It's like Christmas arrived early - Haloview sent me this Wireless Reversing Camera for my caravan!!! After many of you kept telling me I need one, I finally do.

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