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January 14, 2018
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Essential accessories for your caravan or mobile home

Are you getting close to buying your dream mobile home and starting to think about what you'll need in it? In this post, I talk about the main accessories you'll want to consider buying.

My Experience

When I drove to that first campground with the caravan, I realised there were quite a few accessories still to purchase.

I highly recommend staying near a town with good shops when you go on your first trip in your mobile home. There will be items you didn't realise you needed until you're living in it!

I regularly visited Burnsco, Mitre 10 and Kmart over the next week.

**This post contains some affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. Yay. Some are just straight links.

List of Essential Accessories

Below is a list of necessary items for each part of the caravan or mobile home. Resist getting too many extra items as there will be limited space!
  • Hose - check it's safe to drink from
  • Hose set - with hose connector and nozzle
  • Tap adapter - handy if fits 18mm and 25mm as taps are different sizes and generally missing this part
  • Hose extension / coupling - not necessary but handy to join 2 hoses together for extra length
  • CRC / grease - the stabilisers and wheel jockey will start to squeal
  • Jack / lug wrench - check you have the parts needed to change your tyre!
  • Leveler ramps / chock block - If it's a caravan, you'll need a chock too!
  • Rope - always comes in handy
  • Wheel lock / clamp - make it harder for someone to steal. Check insurance is happy with type
  • Towing mirror - avoid suction cup version as they get in the way
  • Exterior mat - handy on extra wet days when the steps start sinking into the soil
  • Dish scrubbing brush
  • Dish washing detergent
  • Roles of cleaning wipes - very handy
  • Paper towels
  • Wet wipes - very handy
  • Broom - takes up space but handy. Think about multi-purposed so you can clean the exterior too.
  • Small dustpan - will be regularly used!
  • Surface cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Fly spray or swatter - there will be insects!
  • Floor mop - find the smallest you can and one with disposable floor wipes makes life easier
  • Bucket - for washing exterior or shoes
  • Disposable Moisture Absorber - perfect for under the bed
  • Sugar soap cleaning wipes - great for those marks that just won't leave!
  • Drain cleaner - I'm still looking for a good brand. Let me know if you have a favourite!
Living Area
Extras to consider:
  • Fan - needed in summer! Your caravan might have one
  • Hot water bottle - very handy in winter
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire extinguisher - needed for your self containment. Place by door
  • Gas Detector
Extras to consider:
  • Spare fresh water and waste water tanks - you might find it's handy to have small tanks as backups
  • Bedding - 2 sets of sheets, pillows, blankets, duvet cover.
  • Squishy bag  - to hold spare bedding

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