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Test Caravan Lifestyle Before You Buy

This is something I should have done before buying my caravan - hire a caravan for a short holiday. I knew absolutely nothing when I bought my caravan and it's pure luck that it turned out well... although to be honest, all I I could find were the expensive motorhomes or cheaper vans to hire.

Since living in my caravan, I’ve heard about some caravan hiring options and I want to share them with you. So you can actually try before you buy your caravan and check if this is the lifestyle you want.


Below are some of the options to test that the caravanning lifestyle is for you:


GO Glamper | From GO Rentals

Go Rental have a trailer that they started to hire at the end of 2017. I was silly excited when I saw it at the last Covi Supershow and have been able to go to their rental company and have a decent look inside. It’s quite a narrow caravan and I think it would be a lot easier to tow. It has a basic kitchen and a good sized bed with the option of setting up an awning to sit outside. There is a toilet accessed from outside with built-in fresh water and grey water tanks. It’s also self contained, so you can stay at the freedom camping areas.

The similarities between the Go Glamper and my UK caravan:
  • You get to experience towing and try reversing with a trailer
  • The toilet set-up is the same, with a small toilet cassette
  • There’s a tap inside and a small kitchen
  • You can experience lowering stabilising legs
  • You’ll get a feel for what staying at a campground or freedom camping site is like
The differences between a Go Glamper to my UK caravan:
  • It’s a lot narrower and has a pop-top which means it will be easier to tow
  • There is no shower
  • It’s set up more to experience nature, with plenty of doors and an outside seating area
  • There are no proper power plugs - just a cigarette lighter
  • You cook outside on a camping stove
The main advantages with this option are:
  • If you don’t own a towing car yet, you can also hire the car at Go Rental
  • You can hire it from New Zealand's 3 main cities
  • They supply all the cutlery and bedding as it’s designed for tourists who have just flown in

I’ve talked to Go Rental and managed to get a 10% discount for you! Go to this web page for more details.

< class="title" style="color:#666666;">(It’s an affiliate link so I get a small perk too).


SHAREaCAMPER | Rent a locals caravan

New Zealand caravan owners can rent out their caravans or motorhomes on this website. The website has a lot of second hand UK caravans to hire so you could really experience the lifestyle. Looking at their map, it looks like most caravans for hire are in Christchurch, then Auckland.

Their motto: Our vision is to bring the joy of campervan travel to as many people as possible in an affordable, safe and easy way.

The advantages of hiring through SHAREaCAMPER:
  • You could find a very similar caravan to the one you’re thinking of buying
  • They can be hired near the main cities
  • You will meet the owner and could ask them questions
The disadvantages of hiring through SHAREaCAMPER:
  • You’ll need your own towing vehicle
  • There is a cleaning fee, a booking fee and a large bond for the owners safety. It would probably work out better to hire it for a week or two
To see more, visit


Small Businesses Offering Caravan Rentals

This is a great option if you don't already have a towing vehicle as most seem willing to deliver the caravan to your chosen location. If you do want to try freedom camping, check that the caravan is self contained.

Kina Caravan Hire NZ

They are Moutere based, near Nelson at the top of the South Island. They rent out UK caravans and some for just $40 per day. Caravans can be delivered and set up. All cutlery and bedding included. You can even select a caravan that is self contained to try freedom camping.



They are Christchurch based, in the South Island. They also rent out UK caravans through their website or through SHAREaCAMPER.


Top of the South Caravan Hire Ltd

They are based in Marlborough, at the top of the South Island. They hire out kiwi classic caravans and the main advantage is they can deliver the caravan to your chosen site, which is great if you don’t own a tow vehicle yet.


Hamilton Caravan Hire

They are Hamilton based, in the middle of the North Island. I need to check with them, but they seem to mainly hire out kiwi classic caravans and they can also deliver the caravan to your chosen site. It’s your choice if it has a shower or not. Some have small ovens and fridges.


Counties Caravan Rentals

They are Auckland based, in Glenbrook. They have 70 caravans to rent with some kiwi caravans and also more modern caravans... wondering if they are Australian caravans? They are self contained and seem to come with everything you need.



Off the Beaten Track | Stay at an idyllic location

For something slightly different, they have approached farmers to see if they want to open up their farm to travellers. You can stay in these amazing rural areas in a variety of accomodation - like in a caravan!

This option is also good for people who don't have a towing vehicle yet.

It would also be more about enjoying caravan lifestyle while surrounded by stunning nature and is one of my favourite parts caravanning aspects.

To see more details, visit:


So I hope you have found this list helpful. I wish I had known about these options before I went ahead and bought my caravan. It would have given me a head start in knowing how everything worked in a caravan and would have reassured me that I was doing the right thing.

If you know of another option I have missed, please let me know! What option would you pick?