I’m a kiwi who has eagerly travelled off and on for the last 8 years.

My latest adventure is living permanently in a caravan and travelling around New Zealand. I’ve come to realise that I can’t afford a house in Auckland, so I’ve bought a caravan instead!

I’ve lived in London, MelbourneAuckland and now call the whole of New Zealand home! I’ve got the travel bug and have visited South America, Iran, Russia, India, Turkmenistan, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Norway and more – my travel wish list keeps growing.

I’m a graphic design with over 10 years experience in print and digital, and am currently fascinated by videos and YouTube. I’ve found this career has been very handy for travelling. As long as it’s an english speaking country, I’ll be able to do the job, as it’s the same software and way of working.

Where I’ve visited

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What I’ve been doing

After School

I followed the usual path of university then full time work. But quickly started wondering – is this it? Do I keep doing this for the rest of my life? It took two years of solid saving on a junior graphic design wage, before I moved to London. This was the best thing I could have done. By throwing myself into unknown situations, I went from being very shy and uncertain to becoming self-confidence.

Moved to London

I moved on my own, only knowing my brothers friends sister and a cousin. My first ever overseas flight was to London via Japan. I had beginners luck and quickly got regular work and a great flat-share. Eventually I learned my way and stopped annoying locals by continuously comparing everything to home. I now have plenty of stories about trips to Europe, nights out, living with people from different nationalities and in some pretty crazy houses! There are a few things about moving to London I wish I had known which I’ve shared here.

Moved to Melbourne

After four years in London I started wondering if I wanted to settle there. I decided to move to Melbourne for a change and be closer to New Zealand. I couldn’t save while living in Melbourne as I spent all my pay on nights out and weekend activities! It has some fantastic events, bars and restaurant.

More travel & moved to Auckland

In 2015, I visited South AmericaUK, Italy, Morocco, Singapore and Sydney. After this burst of travel, I moved back to Auckland with plans of settling. I realised the housing market has gone crazy and there was no option of buying a house on my own. I worked solidly for a year in Auckland at Flight Centre before getting itchy feet again.

The future

I bought a caravan with exciting plans of living permanently in it, exploring New Zealand. Planning some overseas trips over winter too. If I can’t afford a house in Auckland, I can explore New Zealand and find a place to put down roots.

I look forward to sharing some of my travel adventures (and disasters).

Tow Truck

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