Who is TravellingK?

I'm Karen, a solo female living and travelling in a caravan around New Zealand. I've been living in a caravan for nearly two years now with no plans to stop.

My website is about the caravan experience - I share the good and the bad, the tips I've learnt along the way, plus the sights I see. I've also started interview people I meet with a similar lifestyle.

I show-off beautiful New Zealand and share the best places to go - with some hidden gems.

I also love travelling overseas and enjoy sharing what I've seen.

Why a caravan?

Two years ago I was flat sharing with 3 other people and starting to want my own place. I was saving for a house in Auckland (New Zealand), but finally realised I couldn’t afford anything. Renting a place on my own seemed like a crazy amount too. I started thinking about living out of Auckland, but wasn’t sure where I would want to be. The idea of a mobile home started to intrigue me.

I was watching a lot of videos on YouTube about Vanlife and Tiny Houses. Caravans and motorhomes seemed more practical, as they were like tiny apartments that were easy to move. After looking at all the second-hand caravan and motorhome dealers in the city, I realised that anything with a motor suddenly became too expensive. That’s why I decided on a caravan.

How I make money

I afford this lifestyle through my work as a graphic design with over 10 years experience. I've found this career has been very handy for travelling. As long as it's an english speaking country I've been able to find a job, as it's the same software and way of working worldwide.

Where I've travelled

I’ve lived in London, MelbourneAuckland and now call the whole of New Zealand home! The map to the left shows all the places I've been lucky enough to visit.

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