New Zealand Motorhome & Caravan Bloggers / YouTubers

For such a small country still getting into RVing full-time, there are quite a few of us creating videos and writing about our experience. I started this list with the idea of meeting as many as I could and so far have met nine of the fourteen listed below.

We're a mixed bunch. We live in caravans, motorhomes, buses, campervans and house trucks. We range in ages with some still working and some retired. Sharing the destinations we find, the emotional journey and our practical knowledge. After looking through these channels and websites, you'll come away feeling inspired and entertained.

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Still Working YouTubers

Bus Life NZ

A family of four living in a bus and travelling around New Zealand. They recently decided to stop and take back their privacy. Very inspiring to see how far they got. Their videos were about their day-to-day life in the bus.

Adventures with Rosy

A family of three who go on trips away in their motorhome. They're currently weekend warriors - making the most of their time off work. Bronson has amazing drone footage and clever camera work threaded into his videos.

Kiwi VanMan

William converts Nissan Elgrand into campervans and shows the process on his channel. He then sells them sometimes on TradeMe or converts vans for others.

Eat Sleep Van

Tim converted a Jumbo Ford Transit Van into a flash campervan with plenty of great features. His channel takes you through his processes.

RV & Tiny House Living NZ

Fran lives in an amazing House Truck! A home with personality. She's been living this lifestyle for 16 years and knows what she's talking about. She is also a psychic and goes to the occasional gypsy fair.

Still Working Bloggers

Riches Have Wheels

A couple living in a van with a dog in the South Island. Jackie is a journalist who has written about her van experience in the Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations magazine and has explained beautifully about freedom camping on Stuff News. She is currently writing a book about their adventure and I can’t wait to read it! She is very honest with her views on this lifestyle and has a great online community.

Life Done Differently

A young solo female, Lisa lives in her van with patches of house sitting. She writes more about the emotional side of van life and is currently writing a book about happiness.

Life on the Road NZ

A couple in a motorhome who charged into the RV blogging world and already have a lot of content on their website. Carl takes stunning photos and sells them. And if you're curious - they have a composting toilet.

The Bus / The Journey

A family of four living in a bus who have been doing this lifestyle for a few years now. They are a down to earth couple who tell it how it is. He's actually just recovering from a heart attack AND a stroke and has started a new brand called 'The Journey'.

Retired Bloggers

Licenced To Retire

John writes a blog about motorhoming with his wife. He talks about the places he's visited and has a great map of all the campgrounds. He also writes guides, reviews and tips for others living this lifestyle.

Bugger it, we are off

A slowly retiring couple who have a motorhome and document their travels. Chris is an ex newspaper & commercial photographer, so takes some lovely photos and has a professional style of writing.

Janie Takes Paws

Jane is a “middle aged old biddy” who sold her farm and moved into a bus with 3 dogs, a magpie, 2 rescue battery hens, a frustrated rooster and an elderly cat. She comments a lot on the Motorhome Friends New Zealand Facebook page and really makes it an upbeat and fun group. Her blogs are very honest and raw and absolutely hilarious.

Two Go Tiki Touring

Shellie and her husband travel around in an American 5th wheeler. She was a magazine journalist for 6 years and is also an unbelievable photographer! You'll notice her photos in New Zealand RV magazines and calendars. The blog is about their journey around New Zealand.

Romany Rambler

A couple who document their travels in their Leisureline Caravan with their cat Muffy. "It's all about the journey, the destination and the sights we see along the way". Jenny also has a blog about quilting.

I hope you've found this list helpful, and if you know of another New Zealand RV blogger or YouTuber, please send me a message at