Pick your own strawberries

Today I picked my own strawberries! The event was advertised in the Auckland, New Zealand area for this weekend only. You turn up with your own containers, pick as much as you want and pay afterwards. It’s strangely satisfying picking your own food and sneakily eating some as you go along.

It’s a commercial strawberry farm where they make their money early in the season. The export price has now dropped, so they have stopped for the season. After this weekend, they will take out the plants before getting it ready all over again for next season. It does seem a waste. There are plenty of strawberries still waiting to ripen.

Stawberry picking

I was told that the very ripe ones taste like mulled wine and you can only have 5 if driving!

The perfect adventure for the day.

If you would like to find where you can pick strawberries in your area, try this website.

Do you like to pick your own fruit and vegetables? What has been your favourite experience? Share below in the comments.


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  1. Sounds like a fun activity. Was is expensive?

      • TravellingK
      • January 27, 2017
      • Reply

      It was fun! And tasty 😛 We went overboard with 3 large containers, which ended up costing NZ$19. It all depends on the weight!

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