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July 10, 2017
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Waikato’s Blue Spring Walk

Blue Spring in Waikato New Zealand is an easy and very enjoyable walk following a beautiful river. I’ve never seen water like this. It’s extremely clear with green plants swaying underwater.

When I went to visit, I ended up starting at the wrong end of the walk and had it in my mind that it was 1.5 hours one way. I went charging off! Marched passed a seating area after a few photos and carried on, dodging other groups of walkers. Just after an hour, I realised I could hear the sound of a road again. That’s when I clicked. I’d just walked from carpark to carpark! I had already passed the Blue Spring.

Back tracking, I came across a map and finally realised that I’d actually started at a shortcut carpark, which is about a 15min walk to the Blue Springs. Great to know if you want a short walk!

It really is a lovely walk along a river which keeps changing personalities. From calm green, to dense black, to raging rapids. Parts are through farmland and through native bush.

Tips for the walk
  • There is a drinking fountain at the Blue Spring which you can drink straight from the spring or fill up a bottle.
  • The main carpark is along Whites Road.
  • If you want a very short walk, park the carpark down Leslie Road.
  • You can no longer swim in the water.
  • Visit www.hamiltonwaikato.com for more details.

I had heard a rumour that a business is wanting to start bottling the water. I really really hope this was just an internet rumour. The idea of foreign companies taking our resources and not giving back to New Zealand sits wrong with me. It’s a bit much that they have stopped locals swimming in the water, yet a company will take all the water and export it overseas. And no money will go back into the community.

So it might be worth visiting sooner rather than later – the Blue Springs might not be as beautiful in the future as they are now.

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