Waikato’s Blue Spring Walk

Waikato’s Blue Spring in New Zealand is an easy and very enjoyable walk following a beautiful river. I’ve never seen water like this. It’s extremely clear with green plants swaying underwater.

When I went to visit, I had 1.5 hours strongly set in my mind for how long it took. I went charging off! Marched past a seating area and carried on, dodging other groups of walkers. Just after an hour, I realised I could hear the sound of cars again. That’s when I clicked. I’d just walked from carpark to carpark! I had already passed the Blue Spring!

Back tracking, I came across a map and finally realised that I’d actually started at a shortcut carpark, which is about 15 minutes to the Blue Springs. Great to know if you want a short walk!

Reaching the Blue Spring for a SECOND time, I paused and took in the sight of the spring with it’s unusual colour.

It really is a lovely walk along the river which keeps changing personalities – calm green, dense black and raging rapids. Through farmland and native bush. A great short walk.

Tips for the walk

  • There is a drinking fountain at the Blue Spring which you can drink straight from the spring or fill up a bottle.
  • The main carpark is along Whites Road.
  • If you want a very short walk, park in the carpark down Leslie Road.
  • You can no longer swim in the water at the Blue Spring, but you are allowed to at other parts of the walk.
  • Visit www.hamiltonwaikato.com or www.southwaikato.govt.nz for more details.

I recently heard that a business wants to start bottling the water in huge amounts. If you’re against this, here is the petition to stop it. This is an issue that’s popping up in New Zealand news a lot. The idea of companies taking our water for a ridiculously small amount of money and not giving back to New Zealand doesn’t feel right to me. 

Interestingly, on the South Waikato website, it says that the council has an agreement with the bottlers over a certain amount of water they are allowed to take. The council takes the water and distributes it to the companies. Half goes to the local town. Apparently there is a very low fee for the water which is the same whether it’s for construction companies or water bottling companies. Maybe it’s time to change the rules for companies making a profit from the water.

I am wondering if this bottling company (NZ Pure Blue) will change the rules in their favour?

So, it might be worth visiting sooner rather than later – the Blue Spring might not be as beautiful in the future as it is now.

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