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August 1, 2017
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Broadband in the caravan with Wireless Nation

This is a sponsored post with my broadband provider.

As you might have guessed, I use the internet a lot for uploading videos and publishing my blog posts.

At the start of my caravan adventure, I struggled to find good internet.

I tried using campground wifi, but it was always painfully slow and patchy.

I asked mobile providers for their solution. I couldn't get a broadband modem as the modem needed to stay at a fixed address. Their only solution was to go on their most expensive monthly mobile phone plan with 15GB of data and hotspot my phone. I went through the data in a week...

I came across Wireless Nation when I joined NZMCAFor the same price, I could now get 130GB a month! I still haven't run out.

It was a simple process to join. I filled in an online form and paid for the modem. I was travelling at the time, so organised to get the modem delivered to the local Post Shop. I was ridiculously excited when I picked up the modem - the little things in life. The instructions for set-up were super easy.

Now I just plug the modem into a power plug and turn it on. Done.

What are the benefits of Wireless Nation?

Oliver at Wireless Nation

Things to be aware of

  • When I've been in the middle of a National Park, like Milford Sounds and Nelson Lakes the modem wouldn't connect, as there are no towers nearby to disrupt all of that intense natural landscape
  • Apparently some motorhomes need an extra extension installed because of their thick walls
  • It can be slower if there are a lot of other people nearby using the same network. I had an amazing connection in Karamea because there is a tower in the area but not many people

You'll have noticed the Wireless Nation logo popping up in my newer videos and blog posts. Wireless Nation like what I've been doing and have organised to help with my internet bill! I guess they are my very first sponsor?

As my aim is to work from the caravan, I wouldn't be able to even consider this idea without having good internet access. A great solution for people moving around all the time in their caravan or motorhome.

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  1. Natasha says:

    Saaawweeeet! Great sponsored post! Are you in contact with them enough to pass on followers feedback and questions, or conduct a mini interview with them next time? Hope you are well and keeping warm 🙂 X T

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